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Permanent antifreeze for cooling systems of motor vehicles, all-season, prevents freezing and raises the boiling point.
The special organic additives added to the raw material allow the product to be absolutely harmless to materials that make up the modern engines, and extend its life up to five years or 250,000 kilometers usable by all the workshops for top-up and drain fluids original on motorcycles, cars, trucks, marine, machines in general.
Formulation free from nitrites and amines, ecological, reduces the formation of scale even if used with particularly hard water, increases the heat transfer promoting the cooling of the engine, increases the boiling point of the coolant, protects against corrosion and rust all and rubber parts of any metal, compatible with the engine blocks of aluminum and other light alloys.
Compatible with all types of antifreeze currently used.
The product already mixed and ready to use in different shades and colors used in the original equipment manufacturers of vehicles.
It allows top-ups without variations of the original color.
The long-life organic antifreeze meets or exceeds the following specifications: - AFNOR NFR 15-601 - ASTM D 3306 - ASTM D 4556 - ASTM D 4985 - BS 6580
Κωδικός Διάσταση Συσκευασία
4110016400 4L-RED 6
4110017750 4L-BLUE 6

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