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Wall dispenser for dispensing our green edition 4L hand wash paste code 4110015430, in order to avoid product waste, to maintain maximum cleanliness and hygiene for users.
The particular conformation means that the bucket, mounted upside down on the dispenser, fits solidly and allows the dispensing of the right amount of dough through the lower lever.
Made of solid shockproof plastic material. Supplied disassembled with assembly instructions and 6 mm diameter dowels with hooks for wall mounting.
How to use: with the dispenser detached from the wall, insert the bucket of dough in reverse reversed pressing it until you hear a click. Shake the bucket-dispenser set for a few seconds to allow the dough to descend into the part of the internal hopper. Hang up the whole to the wall and operate the lever several times until the dough exits from the dispenser itself.

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