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Multifunction product with lubricating, unlocking, protective, waterproof, polishing properties. One product for thousands of uses. It lubricates, protects, unlocks the mechanisms seized by rust, eliminates tar and glues, polishes surfaces and is used on almost all of them without damaging them.
Suitable for every working sector: unlocking and lubrication of every mechanism, maintenance of locks, screws and bolts, various machinery, chains, electrical contacts, cleaning of painted and rough surfaces, protection of metals from the weather, elimination of stains from every surface, etc.
Easily penetrates into the gaps and through rust, eliminates current leaks from all circuits, effectively lubricates and without dirtying any mechanism, dissolves greasy dirt, protects surfaces from corrosion and brackish, restores the faded colors of plastics and engines, does not attract dirt and dust.
Effectively eliminates any squeaking, contains absolutely no silicone, can be used in any position. Very practical use thanks to the special extra large button with integrated extension cannula.

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